Behind the Scenes of the Remake

Dear Community, Today, we invite you on an exclusive journey behind the scenes of our remake. Let’s start with a look back: In June 2023, you experienced an initial prototype on Proxima Island, developed in a short time by a small team. Despite its imperfections, this prototype was a crucial springboard for engaging with you …

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Replay of the Twitch Marathon

Dear community, On the weekend of January 13-14, streamers took turns to share their love for Twinsen in a successful event organized by Phreak, marked by high engagement, quality, and friendly exchanges. We were pleased to contribute with a one-hour stream where we played the pre-alpha version of the TLBA remake and answered questions. A …

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Great news!

Dear Community, We have been silent since the pre-alpha playtest this summer, but for a very good reason: negotiations with publishers! This crucial step requires meticulously presenting our project, having several exchanges, and agreeing on details. Once an agreement is reached, drafting the contract adds to our already intense work on the game. Today, after …

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Pre-Alpha Playtest Feedback

Hello everyone, First off, a massive THANK YOU for diving into our recent playtest of Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure Remastered! 🎉 Your enthusiasm and feedback light up our development journey, and we’re thrilled to share both the positive and constructive insights we’ve gathered. Positive Qualitative Feedback: Areas for Improvement: Quantitative Feedback: Your feedback, both positive …

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R.I.P Paul de Senneville

Hello everyone, We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Paul de Senneville (1933-2023) last week. Paul de Senneville was the visionary behind the establishment of Adeline Software. Having previously founded Delphine Software, renowned for games like Flashback, Another World, and Moto Racer, he decided to establish a new studio called Adeline Software, alongside …

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Funfact #2: The 4 species of Twinsun

Are you ready to dig into the conception archives of Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure (TLBA)? After reading your enthusiastic feedback on our first article, we’ve noticed that many of you are eager to learn more about the creation of the game’s 4 species: Rabbibunnies, Grobos, Quetchs, and Spheros. Luckily, we were able to get insights …

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