Mar 28, 2023 1 min read

Fanart contest!⚓🏴‍☠️

Fanart contest!⚓🏴‍☠️

Old Twinsun Pirates!

We  discovered our new Art Director, Paulo Torinno, from a fan art as you can read in this article. He came up with a contest idea to include your fan art in the demo we are working on.

"What would you be if you were a Twinsun's Pirate?"

We want to include Twinsen's fans in our demo and show your art inside Proxima Museum.

Contest categories

  1. Freestyle: Fan art on the Marine / Pirate theme to match the Proxima museum theme.
  2. Pirates: Draw yourself as a pirate (face only) in any of Twinsun species: Grobo, Sphero, Rabibunny or Quetch!
  3. Fankids: A special children category for kids under 12 for both above categories. You played LBA as a kid and have children or kids that you introduced to the game, they are welcome to participate!

Contest rules

  • You art will be showcased in the Proxima Museum demo and your name or pseudo will be in the credits!
  • You can choose any medium of your style (drawing, 3D, clay modeling, whichever you prefer!). We will require only from you a high definition JPG and the authorization to use your art in the demo.
  • The [2.21] team will select the winners and shout out the results on our different channels beginning of May.
  • Post your fan art image on our Discord in the channel #tlbar-contest or use #TwinsenFanArtContest on Instagram or Twitter. Don't forget to tag us so we can see you !⚓🎨
  • Deadline: 24th of April 11.00 AM CEST

And don't forget to Wishlist us on Steam!!!!

Gwen Gourevich
CTO @[2.21]. Also mom of 4 👶 (who counts ?) and wannabe homesteader 🥕


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