Nov 15, 2022 1 min read

First concept art

First concept art

Hello everyone!

Some of you have already spotted it in our making-of video...we are very happy to present you today the first concept art of the Twinsen reboot!

This is the work of our Art Director, the talented Paulo Torinno.

Twinsen, Zoé and the Sendells

Here is the possibility of using this illustration as a wallpaper!

We hope that this first concept art will move you as much as it moved us.

For those who missed it, please find below our making-off subtitles in French, English and Brazilian Portuguese.

See you soon for more information on our project!

Ben Limare
CEO at [2.21] I discovered Twinsen when I was 8. 24 years later, I'm part of its comeback!


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