Discover Little Big Adventure / Twinsen new name

Please make sure you read this letter from Didier Chanfray first

A few weeks ago we asked for your help to find a new name for the series, as the games have different names in different regions (Little Big Adventure / Relentless and Little Big Adventure 2 / Twinsen's Odyssey). We proposed 3 solutions and you voted with many, big thanks for that! Some of you even made your own propositions in the comments.

We finally decided to drop our propositions and go for one of yours!

Say goodbye to Little Big Adventure, to Relentless, to Twinsen’s Odyssey and say hello to...

Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure

And we didn’t stop here. We are very happy to present the brand new logo of the franchise.

We hope you are happy with the new logo as well! This allows us to speak to players all across the globe and position the IP of Twinsen's Little Big Adventure in a clear and consistent way.

The Classic games that are available on Steam and will get a restyle as well! The first game, formerly known as Little Big Adventure / Relentless, is now called Twinsen's Little Big Adventure Classic.

Little Big Adventure 2 / Twinsen’s Odyssey is now called Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure Classic 2

We would like to thank Alex from les Crafteurs for this amazing work!

And with a new name comes a new website. On you can follow all developments around Twinsen's Little Big Adventure Classic 1 and 2, plus more exciting news to come.

Stay tuned!


PS: As you might have noticed, we transferred the articles from to this new website. We sadly lost all the comments in the process.

Ben Limare
CEO at [2.21] I discovered Twinsen when I was 8. 24 years later, I'm part of its comeback!

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