Jan 10, 2023 1 min read

Little Big Movie - An amazing fan film

Little Big Movie - An amazing fan film

Once again, the community is showing its talent. This time, it's Robert Chmielak (aka Rob__c) who created this fan film about the end of Twinsen's Little Big Adventure Classic 2. And it's 25 min long! 🙀

He was helped by Alrik Fallet (aka CaptainAlrix) and Maurice van Schoonhoven for the music. Alrik is famous for his amazing covers:

Maurice is working on a remake of the first game. He's obviously also a great musician:

Thanks again for your amazing work and keeping all those fan projects alive!

Ben Limare
CEO at [2.21] I discovered Twinsen when I was 8. 24 years later, I'm part of its comeback!


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