Hello everyone,

It's been a while since we didn't share any news and we assume you are eager to know what we’ve been up to!

Our team has been working for several months to imagine a new adventure for Twinsen. We are growing and learning to work together. The game is getting more and more precise. As you know, the creation process is demanding, we are all committed to creating the best game possible within our limited resources.

The road is still long, but we will try to share as much as we can with you during the development process. Our current goal is to complete the prototype that we will present to publishers very soon. Signing with a publisher is an important and difficult step for every studio and we hope to share good news in 2023.

In the meantime, we would like to share a first peak on the project with our first making-of video! Be sure to stay until the end of the video ;)

This adventure is exciting and full of challenges. We thank you a thousand times for your support, your patience and your enthusiasm.

We will regularly give you an overview of our progress through our newsletter and also Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and our Discord server.


Ben Limare
CEO at [2.21] I discovered Twinsen when I was 8. 24 years later, I'm part of its comeback!


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