Sep 15, 2021 1 min read

What a week for LBA!

What a week for LBA!
It was a wild ride!

The LBA community is amazing!

On Wednesday September 8th at 2:21pm, we announced the comeback of Little Big Adventure for a new episode on PC and consoles...and it was a wild ride!

We received soooo much love during the week, publicly or in private, and it’s amazing!

To go behind the scenes, it was way bigger than what we anticipated! We had an objective of 500 subscribers on the blog by the end of the year. We did it in 2 days! We reached 1K subscribers on Twitter in 1 day! Same on Instagram with more than 500 followers in 1 day.

The craziest was on Facebook where an existing community already existed. With 7K fans, the Little Big Adventure page. We had more than 400 comments on the post!

Beyond the numbers that are mind-blowing, we are deeply honored to have such an amazing community supporting our initiative! Thank you!

Stay tuned as we have more content to share with you in the following weeks. If not already done, follow-us on Twitter and Instagram, like us on Facebook and Steam, that would mean a lot to us!

Ben Limare
CEO at [2.21] I discovered Twinsen when I was 8. 24 years later, I'm part of its comeback!

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